Eclectic Dining: Our Favorite Ways to Mix Dining Chairs

We’re currently working with a client that’s feeling a little bold — mixing different types of chairs at the dining table bold!  

We love an eclectic look so we had fun pulling a few inspirational images for this project and re-reading various tips and tricks for how to mix and match dining chairs.

Two of our favorite articles on the topic are from Apartment Therapy and MyDomaine. Both have lots of inspirational images in styles ranging from traditional to mid-century modern to farmhouse - and many combinations of each!

For us, our number one rule is to always to keep heights in check. Even if you have an motley crew of found chairs, if the chair heights all match, you’ll get a clean, curated look. (Instead of a haphazard, yard sale feel.)

The rule we live by: Mix color, style + texture all you want, but always keep chair heights consistent.
— Spruce + Furn

If your table is round, we like to keep all chairs the same height within an inch all the way around. 

If your table is rectangle, we recommend keeping the chairs the same height along the each side and across from each other. For example, we love to keep all the chairs heights consistent along the two long sides of a table, but then throw in chairs that are a little taller at each end / the head of the table. 

Image Source:   Livet Hemma   (IKEA)   /   Rum Hemma  via  via Apartment Therapy,  "10 Style Tips for Pulling Off a Mix Match Dining Set" ,  Image credit:  Melissa DiRenzo  

Image Source:  Livet Hemma (IKEA) / Rum Hemmavia via Apartment Therapy, "10 Style Tips for Pulling Off a Mix Match Dining Set",  Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo 

Image Source:   Amy Bartlam  for  Veneer Designs  via Design Milk, “ Let’s Eat! 8 Modern Dining Rooms ,”    

Image Source:  Amy Bartlam for Veneer Designs via Design Milk, “Let’s Eat! 8 Modern Dining Rooms,” 


Image Source:   Eve Wilson  for  The Design Files

Image Source:  Eve Wilson for The Design Files

Do you have your own favorite way to mix up dining chairs?  Let us know in the comments!