Are Pastels the New Neutral?

First it was beige, then it was gray. What’s next? Rich, chalky, pastels.

Popping up more and more in minimal Scandinavian design, pastels have long been known for their ability to create a soft, relaxing look and feel in the home. However, with so many new pastel options in the market this spring, it can be hard to decide how to incorporate this trend in your home.  Here are our 5 favorite ways to decorate with pastels. 

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Coming Soon In Your Home: Nordic Influence, Pastels + Mixed Metals

Wednesday night we attended Hot or NOT: Trends That Will Rule 2015, part of the Apartment Therapy Maker Talks .  Sitting on the (pretty impressive!) panel that was forecasting next years home trends was Genevieve Gorder of HGTV, Andrew Corrie of Canvas Home and Christiane Lemieux of DwellStudio

One of our key learnings (other than that Chevron is OUT!) was that the concept of “Authenticity” will grow even stronger in the coming year. (No more faux finishes people!)  Also, we will continue to see more and more of the simple, Nordic-inspired silhouettes we’ve seen popping up all over the place (or as Genevieve put it, “What’s Coming? The Eff-ing Vikings!”). Plus light and creamy pastel colors will overtake neutrals and while metallics will continue to rein, we’ll start to see them "mixing”.  You don’t have to feel like you’re limited to using one metal in a room, you can mix and match the warms with the cools - like using copper, silver and gold at the same time to add some interest. 

You know, keep it authentic. 

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