Getting ready for Thanksgiving: Easy Rustic Glam

As designers, one of our favorite things to do is to decorate for parties and events.  However, November has been a busy month for us, so we needed to come up with something really simple for our Thanksgiving table this year. 

While we were scrambling to find some inspiration, we came across this really simple, yet really lovely rustic glam inspiration image from A Pumpkin and A Princess

Source: A Pumpkin and A Princess blog

Source: A Pumpkin and A Princess blog

We love this image because it includes a few rich, organic elements and then a bold "pop" of metallic for impact.  And other than the potential for having to spray paint pumpkins in the alley behind your apartment (yes, that just happened) and a quick run to the flower market, it's a really easy look to pull off.

We're pulling all of the pieces together right now, but here's a sneak peak of where we're headed with our "Easy Rustic Glam"  Thanksgiving Tablescape.  


Still trying to figure out the right look for your table? Hopefully you can find some quick inspiration here or on our Tablescapes Pinterest page.  

We'll check back in tomorrow with our final look!

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