Color Inspiration: St. Patty's Day Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  As you down your green beer in your green shirt today, we thought we'd add to the fun with a few festive home decor picks in varying shades of green. 

While we probably wouldn't recommend decking out an entire room in green - we do advocate adding a pop (or pops) of color whenever possible. Green is a great color because it represents balance and harmony. Rich emerald tones add depth to a room and can really turn up the volume on a statement piece such as the mid-century couch we feature below. Lighter, celery tones pull in the fresh feeling of nature.  And cool mint hues (like the console table) act as modern neutrals. Finally, pulling in green through plants is a fabulous way to add bright color and clean your air at the same time. 

What do you think of adding green accents in your home? Just for St. Patty's day? Or do you like to decorate with shades of green all year?