Thanks for stopping by to meet us!

We are Meredith Mele and Elizabeth Schulson.  We were introduced through a mutual friend in the summer of 2005 and instantly connected.  (Maybe you'll get that full story a little later on...)

Obligatory embarrassing photo from summer 2005.   Left: M, Right: E.

Obligatory embarrassing photo from summer 2005.  
Left: M, Right: E.

At the time, we were in different places in our lives and had very different careers.  M was a Design Director, leading the design and trend activities for bath, window, and bedding furnishings for national brands, while E was transitioning from a business development role in a consulting firm to a marketing role in publishing.

Time passed and we had a lot of fun.  But as our lives and career paths took turn after turn (sometimes across the country and back), it became clear that we were actually heading in a similar direction.  M’s years of experience designing home furnishings for many different lifestyles led her to start dabbling in interior decorating projects on the side. Here she was able to impact more than just a few individual pieces in a room, but she was able to tie pieces together creating beautiful, comfortable spaces that reflected her clients' lives.  Meanwhile, E was looking for a way to take the lessons she had learned building partnerships, launching products and communicating with customers and apply them to something more creative.  And something that she was truly passionate about.   

 So earlier this year, after being friends for nearly a decade, we decided to take things to the next level - we started an interior decorating business together.  

The name of our business, Spruce + Furn, comes from the concept of "sprucing up" and "furn(ish)ing" a home with beautiful decor and well-designed furn(iture).  We're pretty into the name and hope you like it too.

E + M, Fall 2014.

E + M, Fall 2014.

At Spruce + Furn, we do things a bit differently.  We think everyone deserves some "sprucing up" and "furn(ish)ing" around their home - whether it's large penthouse,  a tiny studio, a rental apartment or a condo.  (And whether the budget is large or small!)  Our goal is to make great interior design more accessible - and more personal - for everyone. 

This blog is an extension of that goal.  We will share interior design inspiration, decor ideas, and tips + tricks you can use when decorating your home.  We'll also let you in on before + afters and great furniture finds from some of our favorite interior design projects as we're working on them.

Have a design question? Let us know! Either leave a comment below or use the "Contact Us" form and we'll make sure to post an answer or contact you directly with more information. 

We look forward to helping you create a beautiful, livable space that reflects your personality lifestyle, and budget.


M + E