Zen Bedroom Inspiration

The images below present a diverse range of design approaches that evoke a zen feeling in the bedroom.  Some are a bit more eclectic, others more uniformly structured, but all tend to incorporate various textures to ensure that while the colors are calm - they are not boring.  We've displayed them in terms of our preference, to give our point of view.

Please look through these images and let us know which speak to you... and which don't.

In most cases, it is the vibe of the room that we want to share.  However, in some cases, we are sharing an image because there is a singular item that we love.  That said, if there are individual elements within an image that jump out at you (for better or worse) - please let us know! 

In terms of end tables, we actually have a few options that we think could be a better style fit than many shown below. Once we get a sense of the look(s) you connect with most, we will share those options as part of the next steps. 

In the image above, we wanted to showcase the map feature behind the head board.