Spruce + Furn takes a uniquely personal approach to the design process.  We create a customized design plan that will meet your needs and goals while guiding you to: 

Define your style. 
We lead you to explore design + discover furniture + decor you love.

Make it personal. 
We create a design that truly represents you.  We dive into how you need the space to serve your life + how you want to feel when you’re in it.

Live it.
We bring your design to life.  You love your space.




Meredith Mele, Creative Director


The youngest of 4, Meredith has always been charismatic and curious.  She loves meeting new people and seeing how they live, eat, drink and relax.  Whether at a dinner party in Manhattan or during her extensive travels through China, India and other parts of Asia, she's always thrilled to get a glimpse into the unique cultures, vibrant color palettes and lifestyles of those she befriends.

Meredith also has an innate sense of style and a strong aesthetic sensibility.  She graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from West Virginia University and started her career in apparel before finding her calling designing home furnishings and textiles.  She’s spent her long, successful career designing a number of very popular home brands including globally branded and licensed products which helped propel her into her previous role as VP of Design at West Point Home. 

Having spent years designing home decor that transforms rooms, Meredith has a unique appreciation for what each and every piece can add to a space.  She also has an unusual ability to create and decorate to please styles and tastes that are far from her own.  This skill, combined with her ability to genuinely understand her clients, helps her create spaces that are beautiful, functional and personal to the customer. 

She is excited to cross over from working on interior decorating projects on the side to focusing on them full-time with Spruce + Furn.  She's also excited to partner with her long-time friend Elizabeth to work on projects they're both passionate about and to build their dream company.

I really believe that your space needs to work for you. There are too many people living in rentals or small spaces that think they’re stuck with what they have. But everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space. When you get home at the end of the day, your home should make you happy.

Elizabeth Schulson, Operations Director

When I first moved to the city, I was never in my apartment. But the last few years I’ve realized that a well-designed home makes for a happier, more organized life. Especially when baby toys enter the picture.

Since she was a little girl, Elizabeth has always been a fan of interior design.  She was often found cutting pictures of furniture out of her mother’s catalogues and gluing them onto pieces of wide-ruled sheets of paper labeled “Dream Home”.  But when it came time to choose a career, she went down a different path. 

Elizabeth graduated with a degree in Public Relations from Boston University, but quickly shifted into Business Development and Marketing roles, eventually moving into a Marketing Director role in a Fortune 500 company.  But after 10+ years of launching new products, creating multi-channel campaigns and chasing big goals, she realized there was something missing.  She felt driven to get more personal satisfaction out of her job and work in a field that allowed for a little more creativity.

She feels truly lucky that she has now found a way to combine her talent for business strategy with her love of everything home design-related.  And even luckier that she gets to work with someone whose talent and creativity she truly believes in and actually gets excited about.  Because if there is one New Year's resolution she is going to keep, it's to spend every moment she can doing something she loves.